(Review) Clip Microphone- BOYA BY-M1 For PC, DSLR And Smartphone- Best For YouTube

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January 3, 2020
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Do you want to start making Youtube videos? Do you know the quality content is the most important matter to maintain a good views and result for your channel? Then the most important part to maintain quality of your video is the clear sound quality. Yes! The clear sound makes viewers attached with your video till the end.

So this is the review of one of the best microphone in low budget to get started. I am talking about Boya M1 Microphone. So let’s talk in details.

Box content:

After opening the box you will get a microphone which has a long wire and a clip to attach that with your shirt or anything. The box also has a noise reduction foam and a converter jack.

  1. Microphone with clip and .3mm jack
  2. Noise reduction Foam
  3. Jack converter for amplifier

About the Microphone: 


The microphone is best performer compering with the price. It has a long wire which is a plus point or advantage. So that you can take footage from a long distance (if Needed). It has a compartment for using a little battery. The battery need to change when it is low. It has .3mm jack which is a advantage for using this amazing microphone in mobile, PC, DSLR.

So, I think this microphone is the best choice for starting.

Quality of the sound:

As I said before the quality of the content is measured when the sound quality is good and this microphone is reviewed for telling you all that this microphone Boya M1 is the best option for choosing a microphone for starting Youtube channel or any type of work.

The microphone provides you a decent sound quality. It minimize the extra noise which is the best unique part of this budget microphone. It has a long life time. You can use this very randomly for daily video making or daily vlog.

Price fact:

This amazing microphone is hardly could be about 1500 BDT. I know the price for Bangladesh only but in international currency it could be around $18 US. So I think this amount is easily affordable for long time profit.

You can buy this product in Bangladesh or world wide. But I am giving the source for Bangladesh only here below.

See the product here for details and buy also

Khan Nafiu
Khan Nafiu
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