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    How to Earn Money

    Hey, welcome. You are here because you want to know how to earn money, Right? Yes. Every individual in this world wants to earn money. A big amount of money until his death. Making money is not wrong, but did you know why you need money? Because money is the only thing which is acceptable against anything in this world, so simple we all want to earn a lot of money. So, are you ready to know, how to make money? Right! Think before action: We live in this world on average 60-70 years. From the very beginning of our adult age, we start our race for money-making. We go…

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    Unemployment in COVID and Freelancing

    Let’s talk about Freelancing and Unemployment Today! Hey! How is going? I am sure many of you reading this who is in big trouble of losing jobs during this pandemic. I always believe to have “Plan B” in any situation of life. Life has a different phase and in every phase, there should be a “Plan B”. Go for Freelancing Jobs! Yes! It’s important that what you do that should have institutional recognition in society, but from my perspective, society cannot judge everything. Freelancing is the fastest growing profession among youth. This COVID is the real-time example of the need for earning. If we see, everyone is losing jobs, everyone…

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    Let’s Earn Form The Internet

    Hi everyone! Hope you all are safe and healthy from COVID-19. So, How were the last 5 months of lockdown and quarantine? What have you done these days? Did you just wasted your time or done anything productive?  If you did nothing then you should start before it’s too late. Today in this post I will share a way of earning from the internet. Yes! I am talking about Freelancing. Before this, I need to tell something about earning money from anywhere. As we all know this world maintains a behave and that is transactional behavior. That is if you are providing any service or products to your customers or…