Quarantine for Covid-19 Pandemic “A New Normal”

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May 9, 2020

Hello Readers,

I hope you are going well in this pandemic.

while sitting on my chair and thinking about the days I passed before this pandemic. That was a very good time. I could move anywhere, I could go and hang out with my friends and whatever I want, but in this pandemic, I am locked at my home. This is so pathetic for all of us, right?

Yes! It is. So what to do now? How we can move forward with our daily life, Career, study, or other things? When we will be normal again? The answer is we don’t know actually.

You know when this pandemic just started I actually didn’t surprise event panic. I always believe that anything could be happened or the situation could be change anytime. The creator could do anything for any reason.

But we have to move forward and I found this pandemic is a New Normal. We have to go through this situation. We have to learn to work from a distance. This Covid-19 has taught us how to do that and also many more things.

As I am calling it a New Normal, So in this what we can do for our betterment, this is a fact of thought.

Let’s see some points:

  • Accepting the situation;
  • Having patience;
  • Shouldn’t Panic;
  • Staying at home;
  • Taking care of Mental Health;
  • Doing Excercise;
  • Learning new things;
  • Finding the best skill in yourself ( This is the best time);
  • Knowing the career opportunities after this pandemic;
  • Preparation for the post-pandemic situation.

If you are doing these things already then, congratulation you are on the right track.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. These 10 things will make you more productive and can bring your best.

Please share it with your friends and whoever you want to. But share must.




Khan Nafiu
Khan Nafiu
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