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Let’s Earn Form The Internet

Hi everyone! Hope you all are safe and healthy from COVID-19.

So, How were the last 5 months of lockdown and quarantine? What have you done these days? Did you just wasted your time or done anything productive?  If you did nothing then you should start before it’s too late.

Today in this post I will share a way of earning from the internet. Yes! I am talking about Freelancing.

Before this, I need to tell something about earning money from anywhere. As we all know this world maintains a behave and that is transactional behavior. That is if you are providing any service or products to your customers or your beneficiary only then you are getting paid for that. It means, if you are giving someone their need then they will pay you for that. This is the basic concept of earning. So we can say that earning is not easy at anyway. Remember one thing, If a way of earning was easy then everyone must be doing that.

Let’s talk about Freelancing now. When anyone wishes to earn and work freely without any time-bound is freelancing. If you want to freelance then you must have to have skills on anything. If you are good and passionate about photography or graphic designing then you can freelance on photography or graphic designing, in the same way, if you are passionate about web development or application development you can freelance with that. The main thing is you must have to have any skills that people want to pay you to take service regarding those skills.

So, Freelancing is a way of earning from the internet. Now, how can you be a freelancer?

First of all, Learn and be expert on something that has demand in the market like:


  • Graphic Designing,
  • Web Designing, Web Development,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Application Development,
  • Game Development,
  • Virtual Assistance,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Video Editing etc.

There are many more topics you may learn in this COVID-19. If you found any topic interested then you can learn that and start freelancing with that.  But it’s not easy still. You have expertise on a topic that has demand on the market but you are new in the market so, how the buyers or clients will believe you that you can do the best for them? It’s another challenge for you to prove your self.

If you really want to earn money from home then you have to work and learn. Your first step to earn from the internet is to Learn a skill and must choose the topic which you have an interest in. Don’t waste time in this lazy COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine. GO for learning.

Keep your eye on Nafiu’s Blog to know the next step after learning your desired skills.

Please share the blog with your friends and community so that, people will know who is thinking about freelancing. Your one share can help many. Please comment to share your thoughts and ideas. Which skills do you want to learn, Comment Below?

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