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Unemployment in COVID and Freelancing

Let’s talk about Freelancing and Unemployment Today!

Hey! How is going?

I am sure many of you reading this who is in big trouble of losing jobs during this pandemic. I always believe to have “Plan B” in any situation of life. Life has a different phase and in every phase, there should be a “Plan B”.

Go for Freelancing Jobs!

Yes! It’s important that what you do that should have institutional recognition in society, but from my perspective, society cannot judge everything.

Freelancing is the fastest growing profession among youth. This COVID is the real-time example of the need for earning. If we see, everyone is losing jobs, everyone has a crisis of money but, Freelancers are breaking their records of earning. Freelancers are staying at home and they are doing projects of their foreign clients.

You know! In the worldwide market, there has a big demand for freelancers. The reason is freelancers are doing work on a low budget, freelancers are fast in their work. This digital market has a big need for graphics, web, applications, tech, assistance and many more services. When companies getting their job done through freelancers at a low cost then why hire employees.

What I am trying to say that is, working as an employee on a company is great but, in the meantime, if you are a freelancer or you have some particular skills which can sell make a “Plan B” with that. Build up your own business or do small freelancing jobs. Like in this situation if you lose your job by chance you don’t need to survive for earning or for living. You can use your skills and earn.

I don’t know why there is no recognition for a freelancer in our society but a freelancer can earn 3 times more than an institutional job holder. All I am saying is to learn some skills and try to sell those in your personal way and earn even when you don’t have a job. This can reduce this big unemployment problem and can support you in any pandemic like COVID as well.

Have a good life. 

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