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How to Earn Money

Hey, welcome. You are here because you want to know how to earn money, Right?

Yes. Every individual in this world wants to earn money. A big amount of money until his death. Making money is not wrong, but did you know why you need money? Because money is the only thing which is acceptable against anything in this world, so simple we all want to earn a lot of money. So, are you ready to know, how to make money?


Think before action:

We live in this world on average 60-70 years. From the very beginning of our adult age, we start our race for money-making. We go to school for education so that we can be a good human being and also, we could get a better job for our living but did we ever thought that, how much time we invest of our life for education so that we could get a job? Its almost 18-20 years. After completing our study, nowadays we get a job for only maybe $200 – $250. After that, we get promotions and the amount increases. Did we expect this when we are doing our graduations! No. So we can say that education did not pay better, Experience pays better. Education is just a get way of starting a banner earn money

The real scenario of making money:

Well, this is the main area of discussion that “How to Make Money!”. Did you think exactly when and why we get the money? Let me answer, we always get money against something. That means earning money is has a transactional relationship between you and the person or group who give you the money. In a simple word, you get money when you will provide any necessary goods or services to them who need that, against that goods or services you will get the money as the value of that good or service.

Now think, why are you reading this blog? Because you want to know how you can earn money. You have the basic knowledge about how money can be earned. Yes! You are here because you are looking for any easy or shortcut way to earn money. If I am right then I am sorry! I can’t give you any false or fake information about earning money in a shortcut way.

There is no way to earn money in a simple way or in a shortcut way. If that exists then everyone may have to do that and there may have no issue with earning money. Everyone would be happy. If you want to earn money permanently, you have to do hard work. Nowadays, I hear that earning money from the internet is very easy. Anyone can earn money from home easily. Anyone can earn money in 2 days from home etc. Let, I told you they are fraud or giving you false information.

In this world, nothing is easy or free in terms of earning money. If any YouTuber is earning a lot of dollars by making videos, you may say that that is easy and there no investment for starting with youtube, then you are wrong. You are watching a very entertaining video or informative video in your device, but you don’t know how the creator of that video made that. How much time the creator of the video invested for making the video, on the other hand, how much time and brainstorming are needed to find the idea of that video. See! Here has hard work.

After all of this hard work and effort, the final finished video looks great and that makes you entertain for maybe 5 minutes. You don’t know the behind the scene. If you think about freelancing. A freelancer invests a long time of his or her life to learn and being an expert of any specific skill that the freelancer will provide as freelance service to his or her buyer. You know that the freelancer is earning with a simple computer and internet, but you don’t know the hard work of that freelancer that he has done while learning his skill and finding his client from the internet. So, think with logic and you will know how to do this easily.

Though there is no shortcut to earning money, I have a suggestion to give you about earning money in a shortcut way. That is, you may find what you love to do or what you are expert in to do. Practice that. Be the best of that. Learn any skill that has a market value. Be an expert of that skill. Try to make that better every day. Look for a strategy to reach people who need your skill. Find who wants you to do his job from you. This is the best shortcut for earning money. Having patience and never giving up is the only shortcut for earning money.

I have some idea of earning money in this century:

  • Getting a professional job
  • Doing a full-time business (Start with what you know better about)
  • Creating digital products (PDF Tutorials, Books, Articles, Research papers, Developing software and websites, Designs, etc.);
  • Providing digital services (Freelancing, Consulting, etc.);
  • Creating contents on what you can do or you are expert to do (Videos that people looking for, Articles that people wants to read etc.) and there are many ways to earning money.


People in this world work for earning money. Who works hard, knows better and sell his skill to the people who need that they get paid. So, just look around and observe, you will understand what suits you and what you can do and give effort to that for earning money.

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