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How to Improve Yourself / Self Confidence

As you are here, you obviously want to know “How to Improve Yourself or Self-Confidence”. We are the people of the 21st century; where there is nothing called compromise. We all are individual players of this world with a common goal is a success.

When we know we are the candidates for a serious exam in our life, we get started to prepare for the exam. Similarly, to achieve the common goal called success there needs to get prepared. Now, we can call the preparation as “Self-Improvement”. The purpose of this article is to share “5 tips on How to improve yourself or self-confidence hacks” among all the way to self-improvement. Let’s see.

1.  Think Positive

This is the most common problem in almost every individual. We cannot stay positive. In every situation of life, we get whatever we do. The result is good or bad that is the outcome of what we have done. We may think “I have done that good but I didn’t get the good outcome”. But it’s true that whatever we get that is the result of what we have done in the past. In the first look, we may think this shouldn’t happen to me, this is wrong.

The wrong we got there is a message which is positive for our future. We have to learn how to connect the dots, which means we cannot see the future but we can look back to our past. What we get now, there is something in the past which is the seed of our present. So, if we learn to find the positivity in the present we will succeed in our future.

2. Learning Mindset

You know, learning is the only fact for which we are in the race. If you are thinking to get the life goal then learning is the only weapon. If you found ego or fix a big area of “I know everything” then you are not learning and already you are out of the race. Learning may come at any time, at any age and anywhere. So, we should keep learning and we will stay one step forward towards success.

3. Increasing Self-Confidence

Before discussing how to improve your self-confidence or how to improve yourself, there is a question for everyone. If you know you cannot do that then, why you are thinking of that? I have a story to share, “In a village, there were two kids. One was nearly 15 years old and another was 11 to 12 years old. They decided to go for a tour of another village without informing their parents. The next day they started their journey in the early morning, in the middle of the day they felt hungry but they haven’t anything to eat.

They sit near to an old well to take rest. Suddenly the kid who was 15 years old fall down in the well and he was screaming, help, help. Then another boy didn’t find anyone to ask for help. He found a bucket with a rope there and he didn’t think anything and took that bucket and throw that into the well.

The boy holds that bucket tightly and the boy who was 12 years old pull him out of the well. They come back to their village and tell everything to their parents. Their parents didn’t believe their accident. The boy who was only 2 years old was a very week to do that. He was very low weighted to pull that boy. Then their parents go to a wise man in their village and told the story. The man said nothing; their parents asked again how that is possible to that man. The man smiled and said your son has already told you how he has done that.

So why are you asking me? After a moment the man said that your son has done this because at that time there was no one surrounding him to tell that “you cannot do it”. At that time he believed that he has to do that and he has done that. It’s call self-confidence. So the manifesto from the story is if you believe you can do that then you can do that. If you believe you cannot do that, then you never could do that. Stay with self-Confidence.

4. Learn to feel others:  It is really important to feel others. Every point in life we deal with different people. We have some favourite people or hated person in life. You know why is this? The reason is we cannot relate to others. We used to found a similar mindset of people in life. But no one is the same. If we learn to keep your-self to others situation and then we judge we may relate with them. This is the main and actual way of networking. Don’t just judge another. Imagine yourself with others and think, you will know the fact.

5. Keep doing creative work: You will know yourself better when you are doing something. You know what you are good at. Keep doing and practice and you will find the best way to execute the creative skill you have, that can change your way of living. You will be happy.

Now you are in the way to improve yourself or self-confidence. Good Luck.

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