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Hello WordPress Users,

Today I will write on WordPress Site’s speed. Yes!

This is the most used and user friendly CMS in this web. We can build a professional website for any use nowadays with WP, but some how we got to face very unexpected situation sometime as an user of this. That is, our site takes more time then our patience. When it happens our visitor gone away and we just a bounce rate right!

Well, In this situation there are some solutions which can reduce this problem in a manner but we can’t totally go free from that. This is some possible reasons for being slow our site below:

  1. Large size and huge collection of Image or Video;
  2. Unorganized HTML and CSS while theme development;
  3. Slow TTFB response from  the server;
  4. Using multi redirecting;
  5. Larger JS etc.

Up there all are possible problems for which our site could be slow down, but all of this has more or less solutions. In this post I will discuss about that.

Large size of Media

If your site is for blogging or for online shop or any other purpose, if your needs to upload new images, videos or any kind of media regularly then please make sure that the size of your media is minimum. Because using large site of media takes your server’s storage so that your server needs time to process the action. Use minimum size of Media.


If your site is build with a heavy theme or multipurpose theme then It will have a large code of HTML and CSS. Also this type of problems could make your site slow. Use a lighter theme and make sure to use a good and organized theme. I  will suggest some themes in this post later.

Server Response

If you found your server is responding slow then your site could be slow down. Please I recommend to use a good service provider’s server. In this case without using a good server has no alternative.

Using Multi redirecting

In your site this is bad using multi redirecting in many places. Like you are linked (, and also  https;// please avoid this. While processing your site server get confused and it takes time to load.

Larger JavaScript

This is also like the HTML and CSS. If your theme has a large JS then it could be slow down. What you can do is you can optimize your site doing minify the JS with plugins. Like JS is not HTML or CSS. This has a special role to function your site so you can minify that size but cannot customize that.

Discussed upside will help you to maintain a good speed to your WordPress website.


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