It’s better to change yourself and learn to cope up with loveable person

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August 3, 2019
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There was alwayes issues that I am not her type, She was not comfortable with me, I am not that mature. Even I am a student of 3rd year of my undergraduate level and I am not mature that, but she needs my grooming. She tried to make issues in every single matters. Like, if she told me to capture pictures for her, when ever I captured and she said that is not good. I can’t click for her. Their friends click good pictures of her but after a day she has to agree that clicks was good and perfect.

If I was in class and she calles If I didn’t pic her called at that time, I am irresponsible. If I feel sleepy at nignt a day, I have changed, I have no priority for her. The interesting thing is she often feel sleepy and go to bed at nignt without let me know and when I call her she shows anger with me to disturbed her. It’s like every single thing of mine was irritating to her. She takes decisions and realise that was wrong. When ever I takes a time to decision I am slow no matter it impacts good.

No I am not comparing her to me. May have many lacking in me but I must say I am not worng every time. I love her very much. Her habits is not good to me but I have no issues with her. I accept her as she is. She should not blame me every time. How long I could request her to not leave me? It was 3 August 2019 she again told me that she is not comfortable with me. And this time I let her go and didn’t asked her any thing, I said you can go if you want. I am not happy with this. I love her and never could hate her.

I changed myself for her. I changed my habits for her. Yes! It’s good thing that I am changed in a good sense. But, not only changing other is not solution. You should try to change yourself some times. You need to learn for compromise and also learn to cope up with fact’s. It’s normal no one has the same mentality. Blaming others is not a solution. Never compare your loveable person with someone else.

Khan Nafiu
Khan Nafiu
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