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July 28, 2019
Know How! Freelancing Part-2
August 3, 2019

In the last post I discussed about Making money Online. I was given an example about blogging.

Now, In this post I will discuss about freelancing.

Freelancing is a way of earning money online from your home. It means when you will done others job done whatever he is near to you or abroad. Some one individual or a company will hire remotely from one country to another for doing their job done with a small or big portion, and they will pay you.

Freelancing is a career where you get freedom for work. There will be no boss of yours. When you want to do work you are on or when you will not work there will be no one to force you for work. Basically there are two types of freelancing or outsourcing or online income system.

  1. Active Income
  2. Passive Income

Active Income: Active income is when you will work only then you will get paid. It is basically called freelancing.

For Example: You are a Web Designer. You have much expertise on this topic. Now you can provide your service to a company by making their website or maintaining their website remotely and they will pay you for the service.

It means when you are working you are getting money against your job. This called Active Income.

Passive Income: Passive Income is when you will create some content but not need to work continuously and you will get profit from the content which is created for first time.

For Example: You are a youtuber. You make Videos for youtube and your youtube channel is monetized with google adsence. The thing is you have created your video for a single time investment and you are getting profit whenever your audience watch your video and google place ads on your video.

It means you invested your time for a single time and getting profit for a long time without doing things everyday. This called Passive Income.

Hope you understand what is freelancing. Now as our topic we are discuss today about Active Income Freelancing. 

For being a freelancer first you need to have enough patience and that level of desire for learning, because in this sector you need to learn everyday and every moment a new things. You will face a huge number of obligations and restrictions. If you really want to start freelancing career then follow some steps discussing below:

Step 1

Skill set

Choose the skill set you want to learn. For example it could be Graphics design, Web designing and development, Digital marketing or any other thing.

Step 2

Learning Center

Find out a learning center which will better for you. You can checkout 2 or three learning center where you can get these skill sets, complete the course perfectly. Practice more and more. Try to solve difficult parts of that course.

step 3


Make your work portfolio and upload that on your own website or any other place where you can show your portfolio to your client.

Step 4


Choose a perfect marketplace where you will get you jobs. Survey on different marketplace for choose which is perfect for you and read out all the terms and conditions. After that create a profile on that marketplace, start for bidding or marketing your services to get clients.

Step 5

Use of Social platforms

Give posts about your service which you are giving in your targeted marketplace. Start using Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, reddit for start marketing about your marketplace profile. Remember, most of the professional buyers or clients are searching for freelancers like you in these social platforms. So seriously start doing that.

Step 6

Getting clients

When you will get your first order on your marketplace try to give your best service on the minimal time and cost to your clients. You must be good at communication, and must be fluent in English. A good communication can make your career great. If your first buyer gives you good ratings and reviews after that you will rock. For a good communication skill you can have your buyer as a fixed buyer. Then you can also work with that buyer remotely.

In the end

After you submit your work to your client you will get your payment and you can make withdrawals through your bank account.

Okay these will be described later in another post. So remember about these steps and start following these steps.

Hope you can do better.

………………………Good luck…………………


Khan Nafiu
Khan Nafiu
Hello, I am a Front End Web Developer or you can say a Web Designer. I am a student of 3rd year in BBA at Southeast University. I am from Bangladesh. Please give feedback and do comments about how you helped through my articles.

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