Quarantine Life in COVID-19

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Hello dear readers,

How are you all? Hope you all are trying to be good and enjoying the life which we haven’t lead before.

Yes, I am talking about this pandemic COVID-19. From the very beginning of we are living in this planet as we want. We didn’t care about our nature. However, we are locked in our home for a long time and in the mean time the nature has started showing her beauty. Well, today I am writing from a different view of life but in some where this could be traditional as we are.

I think we have some responsibility in this crisis moment for our country and this world to keep this suitable for living. This is almost 2 month I am locked in my home. I haven’t go anywhere. I am feeling very distracted. This thing makes me lazy and I am loosing all of my skills.

I just realize I should do something and learn something so after this crisis I could keep my self productive. I am writing because I also realize that if I share about me so you also could be energetic and productive. So, I have to decide to do something daily.



So lets start with some habits which we can make during this lock down.

1. Early Morning Rising.

I know as a student we are so hard working and we can’t sleep in a good manner. We have to complete our assignments tasks and everything at night because all the day we spend our time attending classes, we return home with a huge tiredness and we could’t take rest because we have to submit assignment right in the morning, and also next morning we go for our classes.

This is general to thing we got some free time to sleep. In the morning we have no pressure to go out of home or else any work. So, we sleep for a long time in the morning. But, One thing I want to tell that this is really bad. It has some reason.

We should rise early morning not really very early, this could be at 8 am. I am trying to follow this thing and rising in the morning we should do exercise in a short. After taking breakfast we could take a short rest or we can spend time as we want. This is really important to give a quality time to our self. So, we could understand our mind.

2. Try to Learn Something New Everyday

As a student of under graduation or bachelor I may go to the job in a short time. I thing also you among of my readers. Yes! we go to University, College to learn to be suitable for the job. But in this crisis we are loosing a quality time. Why not we use this time. Internet is foll of resources. We can learn something new from the web. We can learn new skills.

As I am a student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Major in HRM I decided to learn more about this and also about leadership. Nowadays leadership is the only thing that will make sure 80% chances to get a job. If you are a student from CSE you may learn many thing regarding your study and keep yourself advance from many others who could be your competitor in the job market.

If you are a student of final year of your graduation you  may learn or practice what you need to get your  first job and this is important.

3. Being positive

In this crisis being positive is a big advantage. Without thinking positive we will loose our hope and if we loose hope we could ruin our future. Because we will loose of excitement of making our self capable to go long in our future. Also thinking positive will be good for this world and our country. We should look the bright side of this crisis, that is recovering nature like it should be. We also should keep in mind that after this crisis when we return to our daily life, we should not behave like we before with our nature, also this is positive that this COVID-19 teach us to maintain hygiene manner in public places, keeping our self clean, and all the good manners.

Also this Corona Virus/ COVID-19 teaches us to give value to them who really care for us and love us. It teaches us not to lie in life with family. Also this corona has unmasked those people who are not honest.

At the end of this talk I want to say “Nothing bad can run for a long time, all the bad thing have to loose its identity, One Day.” Maybe this COVID-19 is the truth reveler in this days.

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Khan Nafiu
Khan Nafiu
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